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The Administration, Director and Staff of Kidsversity welcomes you, your family and your child to a place of discovery, learning and fun.


Kidsversity is dedicated to providing quality childcare and meeting the needs of your family.  Kidsversity employs a staff that is devoted to the education and well being of your child in an environment that is safe, clean and stimulating.  Kidsversity is proud of its reputation and its commitment to quality childcare.  To accomplish this, we have a team approach. This means recognizing that everyone's role is vital to the well being of the children and that every person is valuable.  

We believe that children are curious, competent learners who develop at their own pace. It is our philosophy that children learn through interaction, exploration and self-discipline as they carefully construct their knowledge of the physical and social world.  We are committed to the total well-being of each and every child and family who pass through our doors.


Experienced, fully trained staff that meets or exceeds all educational requirements professionally supervises this program and licensing requirements set by the State of California.

Kidsversity Preschool-Kindergarten accepts all children regardless of race, color, creed, or national origin.

We know that the experiences that you and your child have while at Kidsversity Preschool will be superb!

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