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Our Curriculum

At Kidsversity Preschool, our teaching methods are based on creative curriculum and our students learn through creative and active teaching strategies. Creative curriculum gets beyond rote learning and focuses on big ideas, interesting projects, and individual students' passions and needs.   

We combine two research based early learning curriculums  Mother Goose and Starfall.  Starfall Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum  integrates math, science, health, creative arts, social studies, physical movement, early literacy, and social­-emotional development, all under a framework of guided instruction and imaginative play. The Mother Goose Time curriculum applies child development theories and brain research to a unique model of teacher support, child experience, and family engagement.


School Bus
Girl with Flower

A variety of hands-on materials provided by Mother Goose Time supports literacy and mathematical understanding. Children learn through sensory experiences and the integration of concepts in play. Mother Goose Time uses “Small Group” activities to introduce children to materials that integrate new math and literacy concepts. The teacher models the use of the materials and then supports children as they play according to their developmental level.

We believe that play-based learning provides meaningful opportunities for young children to make sense of their world.

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